2 Packs - Dried Seaweed (Sea Mustard), Pre-cut sliced for Soup and Salad (1.7Oz/

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About this item

2 Packs - Dried Seaweed (Sea Mustard)/ Pre-cut sliced for Soup and Salad (1.7Oz/50g)

About the Product
Great for making seaweed soup/ seaweed salad and other seaweed dishes.
Pre-cut pieces for easy use
Produced in South Sea/ Korea
Two packs of 1.76 oz

Chung-Jung-One Miyeok is pre-cut seaweed (also called sea mustard or wakeme in Japanese) that is carefully chosen and produced in South Sea/ Korea. The South Sea in Korea (Namhae-An) is known for being a clean sea/ growing various sea plants and seafood. Chung-Jung-One claims that seaweed is processed sanitary at the latest facility. The package looks small because the miyeok is dried/ but it expands 10 times when soaked in water. Soak in cold water for at least 5 minutes and wash 2-3 times.