Bosch BOSCH PKP 18e Glue Gun / 100V-240V / Free Shipping

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Porcelain dolls, steam locomotives, old cars... People's fondness for collector's items make gluing an everyday job, especially when there are children around. There is always something to repair, fit, fix or make. This Bosch PKP 18 E glue gun makes that easier than ever before. It is easy to use and joins virtually all materials permanently and securely. The easy-to-operate trigger enables you to achieve fine glue channels--ideal for laying cables, fitting decorative strips or even performing sealing and smaller grouting jobs as well as many other jobs in and around the home. Gluing has never been so easy. Bosch invented the Constant-Electronic technology to achieve perfect gluing results for precise as well as large-area applications. Due to this technology, heating elements are electronically controlled so that glue is applied with a constant and optimal working temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Hence, items are attached with an even glue strip for a lasting connection. With the delivered extra-long nozzle, even fiddly jobs in hard-to-reach areas are completed easily. Thanks to the gluing capacity of up to 20 g/min, users work not just with perfect finishing, but also extremely quickly. Thanks to this technology, a heating time of just 7 minutes means users can start working with the Bosch PKP 18 E immediately. The PKP 18 E's mechanical feed system ensures sensitive metering and targeted, rapid application. In addition, it also avoids dripping of glue to let the user work precisely and cleanly. For interruptions, Bosch equipped the glue gun with a stable wire stand making it safe to set the tool down without dripping.

  • 100V-240V
  • MAX 20 G/MIN