Gateman Shine Digital Door lock Scan type keys fingerprint One Touch Doorlock

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Shine Digital Door lock

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Model : Shine

Incapacitation system from electronic shock
- Gateman has circuit which endures any electronical shock. So, it will be safe from any shock.

Easy menu
- Gateman can set voice volum and locking system with only one button as easy way than prior model

List up function of user
- It has list up function which saves access list as per order that showed list who use Gateman.

High temperature warning and Open system in urgent.
- It need be closed at normal situation. But, some urgent situation, it may be open easilly like fire.
  Gateman has sensor for fire that will open at over 55 degree as it detects.(But, it won't be work when it detect the high temp outside)

Emergency power supply
- It will check the residual voltage of battery itself and warn us for exchange of battery. Also, It has extra terminal which supply power
  temporarily for a while.

Etiquette function
- You can control the volume trough main body as 3 steps.

Warning for damage and trespassing
- Gateman shine S will warn you for invasion or damge from outside.

3 mins locking
- If there is 5 times fail to open or fail to access unregistered card,
  it will be locked for 3 minutes.