SAFELOCK SafeLock Digital Safe Fingerprint Recognition FP-10 / Anti-Theft Lock S

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About this item

Product Features

1. What is a fingerprint lock box?

-A fingerprint lock box is a brand new security system focusing on convenience as well as safety,
by incorporating the fingerprint verification system, the most precise system of bio-scanning technology.

2. 20 mm steel frame

-With safety as our first priority, Safelock uses a super thick steel frame of 20 mm.

3. 2-tier compartments (adjustable)

-Adjust the space in your lock to maximize convenience.

4.Anti-theft bolt & hole

-Apply during installation to keep your box safe from theft.


1. No fingerprints are registered when item is first opened.
2. Upon removing the emergency box, you will see a key lock. Insert the key and open the door. Open the battery cover and insert 4 AA batteries.
3. The default pass code is '1234.'

Registering Your Fingerprint

1. Briefly press the reset button located next to the battery cover.
2. When the light turns on and the buzzer sounds, place your finger on the pad and register your fingerprint.
3. When you hear second buzzer and the light turns off, keep your fingerprint on the pad.
4. When the registration is complete, you will hear a beep and see a green light.

Opening Your Box with Fingerprint

1. Press the unlock button and place your finger on the scan pad when red light turns on.
2. When the green light turns on along with a buzzer sound, the box is unlocked.
3. Turn the handle to open the door.