Samsung Ezon SHS-2920 SAMSUNG DIGITAL DOORLOCK SHS-2920+English manual door / l

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About this item


Ultra Fast RF Key Detection

The SH-2920's lightning fast RF Sensor detects key cards. Unlock your door in under a second! Simply hold key to card icon. An LED indicator let's you know if card has access. Each key card has a unique signature to prevent unauthorized access. Safe, secure, easy!

Secure Magic Number

A random two-digit number hides keypad access. Magic number will obscure any trace of passcode history. Only authorized users will know how to access keypad. Easy to configure and use. Thieves will be stumped!

Stylish Slim and Glossy Design

The SHS-2920 looks great! Slim design, installs without becoming an eyesore. Glossy tempered glass is stylish and functional; protecting against rain, snow, and heat.

One Touch Security

Security is a touch away when you leave the house. Have peace of mind knowing the SHS-2920 is equipped with an intruder alarm. Set at night and the SH-2920 will alert you before it's too late. A simple feature that no home should be without.

Dual Authentication Mode

With dual authentication enabled, both password and key tag are required to gain access. With this added layer of security, unauthorized access is near impossible. Keep your property extra secure from a would be thief.

Samsung Smart Lock Assured Security

Electric shock and strength tested, fire safety and quality certified. Samsung Smart Locks exceed all security and safety standards. Samsung Smart Lock can withstand high-voltage electric shock applied circuit techniques. Indoor and outside temperature above 140F is detected while sounding an audible alarm. Rest assured your door is secured and completely tamper proof.

Easy to Setup Password, Locking Mode, and Alarm

The SHS-2920 is easy to setup. One button access to set a new password. Enable/Disable alarm and sound options. Automatic Locking is a breeze to setup.

  • Battery Replacement Alerts

    Samsung Smart Lock plays a catchy melody when its batteries need to be replaced.

  • Emergency Power Supply

    Battery terminals are provided in case the lock has no power. Simply connect a 9V battery to power on.

  • User access code digits?4 ~12
  • Capacity (RF ID card)?70
  • Applicable Door Depth?40~50mm
  • Battery Life?About 12 Months (Ten Times Per Day)
  • Color?Black
  • Material?Zn, Al, ABS Plastic
  • Multi-leveled Security?yes
  • Power?DC6V (Alkaline AABattery 4pcs)
  • Product Size (Inner body)?75x133x50mm
  • Product Size (Outer body)?69x175x22mm
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