Samsung Ezon SHS-H700 (SHS-5230) Fingerprint digital door / lock / doorlock / In

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About this item

If you are order SHS-5230, We will be shipped out The next generation of this item of H-700


Every features are same as former Model.




Perfect security at my fingerprint!?
Samsung Smart Door Lock

The state-of-the-art personal fingerprint scanning method?
Double Authentication Mode using both password and fingerprint scanning input
A safe door knob that prevents all forced entry


Perfect security using the state-of-the-art personal fingerprint scanning method

Convenient authentication methods aimed to reduce worry over key loss or password hacking, this state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition system increases safety and security. Enhancing user convenience with easy door opening and closing access features, the key pad panel is covered automatically after pressing the door's center open lock button thereby enhancing the security of the fingerprint identification panel. Able to register and recognize 100 fingerprints, this secure smart door lock system can as well be utilized for small and medium companies.

Dual password and fingerprint scanning input: Double Authentication Mode

With the Double Authentication Mode setting, home security is strengthened and allows for greater security access. Door opening access requires two authentication verifications; both password and fingerprint system input therefore it is safer and more secure.?
It is imperative that while the Double Authentication Mode is on, you do not forget the password.

Magic Number Double Security: Password Method

Resident security is heightened by preventing password exposure with the Magic Number Double Security access method. By pressing randomly selected numbers prior to entering the password, guessing passwords by fingerprint marks is prevented, therefore doubling security.

Assurance Knob! Secure door knob that prevents forced entry

Pushing the opening button and turning the knob when going out prevents any unauthorized entries. Intrusion is prevented as the alarm will sound when physical impact or repeated access authentication failure occur, therefore reducing the attempted intrusions. While away, when an intruder touches the door after intruding through a window or veranda door, the alarm will sound when the said function is initiated.

More Security! Automatic Lock and Double Lock Features

Automatically locking when you close the door on your way out, the door lock lessens hassle and worry about having left the door unlocked. In the case of an emergency, such as a fire, the door can be opened from the outside with a registered password and fingerprint scan. This feature prevents the case of leaving the door open when a child goes out and the case of unauthorized entry attempts through the milk inlet.

More Secure in an Emergency! Security assured, Samsung Digital Door Lock

The Samsung Digital Door Lock obtained exceptional grades in all safety and quality certification tests against electric shock, strength and fire prevention.?
With an advanced circuit design that enables the product to withstand high voltage electrical surges, safety is strengthened. Also, when a temperature of 60 degree Celsius and over is detected inside the residence, the alarm will sound and the door locks are automatically opened. With a manual open feature, the door can be opened manually if an electronic malfunction occurs.

Neat Sound Adjustment

With this effective function, the sound volume can be adjusted when the number pad is pressed or the door is opened or closed during the night time in the event of extra care needed, such as babies, family members and even neighbors.

  • Battery Replacement Reminder Feature

    When battery replacement time approaches, a melody rings and a red LED battery icon light appears on the product whenever the door opens, providing safety reminds and greater convenience.

  • Emergency Power Supply Feature

    In the event that batteries run out, the door can be opened from the outside by using a 9V battery.


CapacityMaximum 100 Fingerprints
FAR0.001% or Less
Verification TimeLess than 1 Second
Access Code
Capacity1 Master Access Code
10 User Access Codes
Digit4-12 Digit Number Combination
Outer body81.331875 mm (WHD)
Inner body7929080.3 mm (WHD)
Zinc, Aluminum, ABS Plastic
Door Thickness
Applicable 40~60mm(Max. 80mm, Option)
-22~ +55
50 ~ 80%
DC 6V (AA Alkaline batteries, 8pcs.)
Battery Life
Approximately 10 months(average - 10 times per day)


This Product's is Korean Domestic, And?Little bit of Different?Domestic Between?Export