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About this item

Cimilre S1+

Cycle : 38~ 54 times per min.

Lower Noise Avg. 42.5 db

Lighter : 1.12kg

Inhalation Pressure : 50~320 mmHG

connect to the Mainbody,


(Supports double-breast pump, need to purchase second set separately)



Backflow Protection

Fully Charged- 4h 30m of use

Quiet- avg 42.5dB, less than an electric fan

Massage- Level 5 (Massage Mode), Level 12 (Pumping Mode)

Double Breast Pump- Connect air hose to the main pump

Lighting- 2 Levels

Wide Baby Bottle Package

Time Check w/ Auto Power Off

BPA Free



Features of Spectra S1+

1. Safe and Hygenic Backflow Preventor

2. Pump Quietly Even next to a Sleeping Baby

3. Chargeable Breast Pump for up to 4h 30m of Usage

4. Time Check Enables the Pump to Shut Off After 30min of Usage

5. Massage Function Enables the Users to Pump without discomfort

6. BPA Free Material

7. 2 Levels of Lighting

8. Double Breast Pump Capability when Connected into the Pump

9. More Convenience with the Wide Bottle Package


Sterilize in Boiling Water


Free of BPA, Environmental Hormones


Components of SpectraS1+

Spectra S1+ PumpMachine

Wide Breast Shield

Backflow Preventor

Silicone Head

Air Hose